Pure Power Miracle Cleaner

RCS Products use only natural ingredients and are made in the UKMade from Natural Ingredients and Non-Toxic

INCREDIBLE results on:

  • glass mirrors
  • spectacle glasses
  • vehicle glass
  • glass windows
  • computer screens
  • white boards
  • tablets
  • mobile phones
  • stainless steel & many other surfaces


Powerful Pure Spectacle Cleaner

Buy Pure Power Cleaning Products Online

1 x Miracle Cleaner

1 x Miracle Cleaner
£6.95 + £3.00 P&P

2 x Miracle Cleaner

2 x Miracle Cleaner
£12.95 + £3.00 P&P

2 x Lens and Screen Cleaner

2 x Lens & Screen Cleaner
£4.99 + £2.50 P&P

1 x RCS Miracle Professional Micro-fibre Cloth

1 x RCS Miracle Professional Micro-fibre Cloth
£3.00 + £2.50 P&P

2 x RCS Miracle Professional Micro-fibre Cloths

2 x RCS Miracle Professional Micro-fibre Cloths
£6.00 + £2.50 P&P

1 x Miracle Cleaner and 1 x RCS Miracle Professional Micro-fibre Cloth

1 x Miracle Cleaner & 1 x RCS Miracle Professional Micro-fibre Cloth
£9.95 + £3.00 P&P

1 x Lens and Screen Cleaner

1 x Lens & Screen Cleaner
£2.99 + £2.50 P&P

1 x RCS Miracle Professional Micro-fibre Cloth, 1x Miracle Cleaner, 1x Pure Power Clarity

1 x RCS Miracle Professional Micro-fibre Cloth
1x Miracle Cleaner
1x Pure Power Clarity
£12.95 + £3.00 P&P

1 x Pure Power clarity and 1 x Miracle Professional Micro-fibre Cloth

1 x Pure Power clarity & 1 x Miracle Professional Micro-fibre Cloth
£5.50 + £2.50 P&P


PURE POWER CLARITY Lens and Screen Cleaner

The all new Natural & Non-Toxic Lemongrass Screen & Lens Cleaner from rcsproducts.co.uk. Reviewed by Zachary Denman.

Whatever the screen or lens this is the product for you. From smart phones, sunglasses, spectacles or tablets, mirrors or cameras, this product works by absorbing dirt rather than chemically breaking it down, leaving a chemical film free CLARITY finish.

It's been specially formulated through a careful distilled process, mixed with the finest salts/minerals & plant derivatives, to give the best chemical free cleaning product there is. Just look at the reviews & what people are saying about PURE POWER®. Incredible results.

RCS Products ® was approached by a lady who had used the Pure Power Clarity ® for herself but ran out of her solution, saw the RCS logo on my van so she came to ask if we had any on board ? ... Finding out her name to be Jo, she said she'd be happy to leave a video testimonial of why she wanted more Pure Power Clarity & what she uses it on.

Pure Power Miracle Cleaner ®

Another video testimonial from a regular user of Pure Power ® products the all Natural Non-toxic Lavender plant based cleaner that people are raving about how Crystal clear their mirrors, tv screens, stainless steel & high gloss units are shinning just now.

Pure Power Clarity ® Lens & Screen Cleaner

A simple demonstration whilst paying for some goods at the shopping counter, showing the 'Pure Power' ® of the natural & non toxic Lemongrass Lens & Screen cleaner. This man genuinely saw a huge difference & clarity in his vision & also cleaned his screens of his mobile phone & tablet too .. he was so impressed he even left an outstanding testimonial on the main site. *please note that Office Outlet has no endorsement with Pure Power Clarity (R) it was just a demonstration after a sale from that outlet*.

Smear Free Whiteboard Cleaning

White boards needs 'Pure Power Miracle Cleaner'(R) as other white board cleaners just smear and get's really messy, whereas using Pure Power (R) it's straight off with no fuss & with the 'Pure Power Miracle Cloth' makes it easier too.

How it all started

In 2010 'Reflectcleaningsolutions.co.uk' was started by myself, Stephen Brazier. Based on a Bio-Friendly Thermo-Pure 5 stage reverse osmosis system, in a stroke, it took external cleaning to another level, as no-chemicals are used. Since its launch, it's totally revolutionized the industry with all my customers having given rave reviews about the amazing results they found… This being the case, I'd always wondered if there were other ways to clean naturally without the use of chemicals ??

So what made me invent the 'Miracle Cleaner'?

In 2013, when my son was just 2 years old, he found his inquisitive self underneath the sink cabinet, patiently trying to pick the safety lock! Whilst I was astounded at how clever he was, I shuddered at what might have transpired had his endeavors proved successful and he proceeded to drink some of the chemical cleaning products stored in there. Shocked to the core at the thought, it was then I was struck by that 'light bulb moment' and 'RCS Products' was born. The seed had been planted and a chemical free, bio-friendly based cleaning solution came to fruition.

And here it is! - the outstanding cleaning results fully endorsed by clients who, not only engaged in trials over many months of development and testing, but were more than pleased to know they now had a totally safe, (Made from natural plant derivatives, finest salts & minerals) non-smear product that absorbs dirt rather than chemically breaking it down - and all with a great lavender scent!

During 2017, 'RCS Products' will launch this incredible 'LAVENDER BASED' Pure 'Miracle Cleaner' solution for those that want a safe and superior cleaning result. It will effortlessly make mirrors shine, windows sparkle, and much more ...

We at 'RCS Products' can take orders over the phone - just call 0800 160 1170 or email us at info@rcsproducts.co.uk for more information. Safe and secure payments can now be made through PAYPAL as shown below. You are just one click away from having the best and safest Natural & Non-Toxic Cleaner you'll ever need!

Wishing you all a brighter, cleaner, more bio-friendly and prosperous future!

Mr. Stephen Brazier (Founder)

Email: info@rcsproducts.co.uk

Tel: 0800 160 1170

RCS Products RCS Products®, Pure Power Miracle Cleaner® and Pure Power Clarity® are Registered Trademarks and protected brands via the patent & intellectual office.